Mineral Mud
June 8, 2016
Essential Oils
June 8, 2016


Wormwood contains zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, selenium, anti-tumor, anti-aging efficacy, dampness, expel wind, analgesia, cold infertility, menstruation, Dysmenorrhea.


Mugwort has been scientifically proven to possess antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Wormwood was first identified to be effective in high-tech beauty treatment. From this, people began to examine the function of the herbs.

Wormwood is the main component used in the moxibustion therapy which is popularly used in beauty salon treatment nowadays. The pressure of modern life together with the slow excretion of toxins from the body reduces the absorption of skin cosmetics and nutritional supplements, thereby triggering a series of facial problems.

Through the use of wormwood and pure essential oil massage techniques, Moxibustion helps facial detoxification and promotes facial blood circulation, opening the pores, enhancing the skin’s immune system and absorption and maintaining proper kidney functions.

In traditional medicinal theory, wormwood can be used as a disinfectant in water fumigation. Mugwort helps to stop bleeding.

Modern experimental studies have shown that the leaves have antibacterial and antiviral properities. Moxibustion and wormwood have beneficial effects on the human body.

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