Head Wellnes Set
May 5, 2016
Intestines and Stomach Wellness Set
May 5, 2016

Neck Shoulder and hand Wellness Set

Alleviate neck fatigue and pain; stiffness and numbness in the shoulders; low immunity resulting in frequent colds and cough; cervical problems causing headaches and dizziness; dark eye circles and eye bags; chest pain; upper limb paralysis or pain; muscle and tendon strain or tennis elbow; weakness in lungs, kidneys and heart; and poor sleep patterns.

Neck Shoulder and hand Functions

The common symptoms of numbness in the hand and neck; dizziness; headache; insomnia; neck and shoulder pain; stiff neck; nausea; tinnitus; fatigue; and cold hands and feet may be caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. This results in the development in the “neck and stomach syndrome” and “cervical heart syndrome”. Such syndromes will greatly affect the patient’s daily life and work. The more serious cases may even cause paralysis.

Cervical disease is commonly treated by medication, physical therapy, and surgical methods. Medications may have unpleasant side effects. Use of traditional Chinese medicine or massage will only temporarily ease the pain. It does not eradicate the root of the problem and may even aggravate the disease.

Based on the patient’s symptoms, moxibustion therapy makes the appropriate treatment, combining both Chinese and Western features, to help the patient to a faster and better recovery.

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